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Teens and Work: Exploring the Options

To work, or not to work? That’s a question that everyone has an opinion on! When it comes to whether or not teens should get a job, the options are as diverse as the opinions. Just as there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to homeschooling, neither is there an answer to this question that’s a perfect fit… Continue reading Teens and Work: Exploring the Options

Tuesday Thoughts

Thoughts for Tuesday, August 7th

Outside my windows… it's been an odd mix going from hot and sunny, to hot and raining. Inside my house… we're getting the school room ready for September bit by bit. Switching out books on shelves, clearing out school drawers, and divvying up new school supplies. Printing… so much printing. Counting 1000 gifts… finding a… Continue reading Thoughts for Tuesday, August 7th

Book Reviews, Grace

Book Review: The Better Mom

I’ve been reading parenting books since the moment I saw two lines on the pregnancy test for the first time! I’ve read some great books, some goofy books, and even a few crazy books. I wasn’t looking for yet another parenting book to add to my reading list. However, when the book blurb for The Better Mom stated that glorifying the mess and idolizing perfection in motherhood were both unhealthy extremes, I had to read more!