Privacy Policy

An e-mail address is required for posting comments on Teish Knits. I will not sell or give out your e-mail address. I may use the e-mail address that you provided to contact you in certain cases, ie: you won a giveaway that I hosted or asked a question that I felt would be best replied to privately. I will not harass you by sending you dozens of e-mails a day. (I have four kids, a dog and a blog. I don’t have time to take up cyber-stalking my readers!)

I use a wordpress plugin that tracks the amount of traffic to my blog. It tells me how many people visit my blog, which posts get read and if visitors came to my site through a search engine or a link from someone else’s site. It does not tell me your name, your complete internet browsing history or what color socks you are wearing.

If you click on a link I’ve posted to another website, I am not responsible for their privacy policies or lack thereof. When I post a link to another website, it does not necessarily mean that I endorse or agree with the website’s content.

If you shop through the affiliate ads or links on my website, cookies will be used to keep track of sales referred though my links. The companies that track this do not provide me with any of your personal information. Neither do I provide them with the e-mail addresses, etc. of my readers. They just track the amount of sales that are referred through my blog.

This privacy policy may be changed at any time. If changes are made, the updated policies will be posted on this page.