About the IT Staff

Occasionally, I’ll refer to my IT staff in a blog post. Over 20 years ago, I married this brilliant tech guy/photographer/musician. Aaron may do more photography than tech work these days, but he’s still my go-to whenever my computer, e-mail, or blog starts doing something weird. He’s the one who told me, “We can get you your own domain,” and then helped me move everything from a free blog to my current home on the internet.

Did I mention the photography? You should see his night sky and 360 Pano work. Seriously, I have some of it hanging on my walls, and it’s not just because I love the guy so much. 😉

It’s not easy being self-employed, and it’s definitely not easy to be self employed in a creative field. It’s been an adventure, and sometimes a rough road. I’ve watched Aaron pour more hard work and determination into what he does than most people would be willing to. When they say that talent alone isn’t enough, they’re right. The long hours, traveling, and sacrifices made aren’t always easy or fun to deal with, but I’m proud of Aaron for not giving up, and for everything he’s accomplished because he didn’t!