About Teish

I read articles about how to craft the perfect “About Me” page, and set about struggling to make my words behave and fit into the neat little guidelines. Truth is, I’ve never fit neatly anywhere, so why start now?

I’m a little bit of a hippie, an amateur academic, nearly a pacifist, definitely a geek, have the heart of a warrior-poet, and am in possession of a somewhat warped sense of humor. In short, I’m as eclectic as my iTunes playlist.

After decades spent trying to fit into the right boxes, I finally figured out that God really does love the weird and broken ones, and that He can make something beautiful out of all the pieces that I could never seem to make fit together. I’m still a work in progress, but redemption came through the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus. Turns out the hymn is right; grace really is amazing.

I’m the farmgirl who doesn’t live on a working farm, but rather in the farmhouse that her great-great-grandfather built. My husband (aka: IT Staff) and I are raising and home educating our four kids out here in the country. Our family’s furry companion is a shelter dog who’s got a lot of German Shepherd and a little bit of Black Lab mixed in.

If I’m not working, homeschooling, or tackling the never-empty laundry baskets, then I’m usually writing, reading, knitting, or watching some sci-fi with my family. Sometimes I’m even convinced to play a video game with the kids. I think they enjoy playing with mom because it’s easy for them to win if I’m in the game.

I drink coffee because of the Speed genes, and Earl Grey tea because that’s what Captain Picard in Star Trek always ordered. I think that “too many books” is simply code for “not enough bookshelves”. Fountain pens, bottled ink, and good paper will always have a home on my desk. I love the stars, poetry, vintage airplanes, the sound of the frogs in the pond behind my house, and stories.

If you’ve stuck around this long, I hope you’ll find something interesting or encouraging on a blog that’s just as eclectic as the farmgirl who writes it!