“I’ve brushed Auntie’s hair for her,” Munchkin told me as I brushed her hair before tucking her in for the night.

“I used to brush Grammy’s hair when I was a little girl,” was my reply.

“Did I ever brush Grammy’s hair?” came the question.

I hesitate before answering, “I don’t know.”

“There are a lot of things that I’ve forgotten about Grammy,” she tells me after a thoughtful pause, “But I still remember what she looks like.”

I swallow hard before hugging her and saying, “Grammy loved you very much, always remember that.”

I hope that she doesn’t notice the quiver in my voice as I tell her that I love her too and say goodnight. I’ve been in her shoes. How do I tell her that though you may forget a lot of things about the person you loved, you never forget how much you miss them? How do I tell her that that little ache never completely goes away? Not even twenty-six years later…