You become an expert at putting tiny tires back onto the matchbox cars.

You step on at least one matchbox car and/or Lego per day.

You find yourself looking up types of bugs in a field guide in an attempt to identify the strange insect on the living room curtain. (In the past you would have totally squashed it.)

You have learned that the real reason for building cities with wooden blocks is because they make such a satisfying “crash” when they are knocked down.

You were excited when your son drew you a picture of a spider with eight legs, even though you are actually afraid of spiders.

You are given bouquets of flowers… with the roots still attached.

You have dealt with a broken window/light fixture because of a ball.

You accept that life in your house will never be boring again.

Your life is noisy, messy and utterly unpredictable… and you wouldn’t have it any other way!