There are reasons why I home educate, and there are reasons why I love to home educate. They are not always the same. Truthfully, no matter how much you love what you do in life, there are always parts of it that are not quite as much fun! Yesterday was one of those days that reminded me of why I love home education.

My middle son, Camo, will be five years old in just a couple of days. (On a side note: I really have no idea how it’s possible that these kids are growing up so fast.) This year I’m doing a mix of preschool/kindergarten work with him because he’s sort of in the middle age-wise, but he very much wants to “do school” with his older brother and sister. We’ve been reviewing the alphabet and what sounds the different letters make. Yesterday, we wrote out a few words on the white board and sounded them out. Then he sat on my lap and read me the first book in the BOB series. Sure the only words in there are, Mat, sat, Sam, and on. But he read every one of those words by himself! I cannot describe the look on his face when he asked if he could read it to me again! And I’m pretty sure that I was about ready to burst from excitement!

I absolutely love the fact that I can be there when my kids read their first book. I don’t have to hear about it second-hand, I get to experience the moment with them! Yes, I also have to help them work through the struggles too, but it just makes the “aha!” moment that much sweeter. The best part is, when Camo remembers reading that book for the first time, he’ll remember that he was sitting with Mommy and Daddy when he did. Home educating sure is hard some days, but it’s the priceless moments that make it something I love doing anyway.