Whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. If that old adage is true, then I should be superwoman by the end of the weekend! We are actually moving tomorrow.

Truly, I will be very glad to be, finally, in our house! We still have to go through and clean up all of the “construction dust” and barely anything is packed or ready to go. So, I will be VERY busy tomorrow. Fortunately, I have family and a few friends who will be a tremendous help!

My sister just spent a few hours helping me finish getting the kids’ rooms done. She suggested that they spend the night with Grammy so that we could tear the kids’ room apart and get things set up at the house. That was a great idea, and though we are both tired, it is nice to know that no matter how things go tomorrow, the kids will have their rooms done and ready to sleep in tomorrow night!

Since it will likely take FOREVER to drain, move and refill our waterbed, we will likely be sleeping on the futon for the next night or two. That’s OK, I’ll just be REALLY GLAD to be in the house!

The fridge is plugged in and getting nice and cold. My stove and dishwasher will move tomorrow, along with things like dishes and food. I will be thrilled to have my kitchen all together! For some reason, I don’t feel settled until I have settled into the kitchen! I’ll be making yeast rolls tomorrow night in my new kitchen for the Christmas dinner our Church group is having on Sunday. So, I get to break in the kitchen right away!

I have no idea when I’ll be able to post next, as the computers could take a little time to get settled into their new home. In any case, I’ll certainly let you all know how our “moving day” unfolds, or perhaps, unpacks would be a better term!