Kids really are brilliant.

Munchkin got a bit of sunburn on her shoulders while in the pool at a friend’s house. I told her the next day that it looked like her shoulders would peel. Then I grinned and commented that she’d be shedding her skin like a snake. She very quickly assured me that she wouldn’t lose that much of her skin at once. I was slightly surprised that she knew much about snakes shedding their skin, because we have not yet studied zoology. When I asked her about it she very matter-of-factly answered, “Well, I was reading about the western diamond snake and the book said that they shed their skin.”

I knew her brothers had a book about snakes and reptiles, but I had no idea that she’d read it, let alone picked up so much from the book! It reminded me of how important it is for me to expose my kids to a variety of good books. They really do learn so much just from reading. I’m not sure why this surprises me, as I’m quick to point out how much I’ve learned over the years through books.

What interesting facts have your kids surprised you with lately?