Note: The links in this post are affiliate links. I’ve been a Plum Deluxe subscriber for a year, and it’s truly the best tea subscription I’ve tried. As always, I do not share affiliate links for any product that I don’t use and love myself.

The ever-present tea on my desk!

Anyone who follows my Instagram account knows that I love tea. My collection of tea cups inherited from various relatives gets plenty of use! It’s not unusual to find a pot of tea sitting on my desk next to me while I’m working.

I tried out a couple of tea subscription boxes, but didn’t find one that I particularly liked. I’d pretty much decided that I wouldn’t bother trying another when I came across an ad for Plum Deluxe. Ten dollars a month was the most reasonable tea subscription I’d seen, and it appealed to me that the teas were fair trade, and all blended in Oregon by people who loved tea as much as I do. I decided to give a tea subscription one more try, and I am so glad that I did!

May’s club blend is turned around so as not to spoil the surprise! This shipment included a couple extra bags that were ordered separately.

Each month, I receive an exclusive club blend in the mail. The shipment arrives in a distinctive purple package, and includes both a sample of another Plum Deluxe tea and a card with an inspirational quote on one side, and information about this month’s blend on the other. Subscriptions are available in caffeine and non-caffeine options. If you have an allergy to a particular ingredient, or if there’s a particular tea ingredient that you dislike, you can simply e-mail the folks at Plum Deluxe, and they’ll substitute something different if a month’s club blend includes that ingredient.

Honestly, their customer service is fantastic. One monthly blend I received included black pepper. It was delicious, but I discovered that my stomach couldn’t tolerate black pepper in my tea. I e-mailed the company, and they’ve made a note so that if any future club blends contain black pepper, they’ll substitute a different tea in my shipment that month. I love the personal touch, and it absolutely sets Plum Deluxe apart from the other subscriptions I tried out.

Scones paired with the May club blend.

Plum Deluxe isn’t only a tea subscription company though. Anyone can shop their regular selection of teas via the website. Sweet Spot Black Tea and Chocolate Hazelnut Dessert Tea are two of my absolute favorites. Another nice club perk is the option to receive free shipping on additional purchases if you opt to have them shipped with your regular club shipment.

The folks at Plum Deluxe have been kind enough to offer a 10% off coupon for my readers! The coupon doesn’t apply to club subscriptions, but you can apply it to an order for some of the wonderful tea blends on their website. Just enter this in the VIP Code field when you place your order: teishknitsreaders

If you do try out some of the delicious teas by Plum Deluxe, do let me know which ones you tried, and what you thought!