My eyes landed on my purse. The horrible noise continued. I rummaged through the bag until I found the source of the auditory assault. It was my cell phone. Someone was TEXTING me! I had no idea that was what the peculiar ringtone meant! Turns out, it must have been a wrong number, and they clearly spoke a foreign language or were sending a coded message. Either way, I couldn’t decipher it.

I e-mail, I blog, and I facebook. Texting is something that I’ve never found necessary. Besides, it would take me forever to compose a text message because I just can’t disregard things like spelling and punctuation!

I had to laugh at myself though when I thought about my reaction to the mysterious sound. Like something out of a story where the main character winds up transported to present day from some point in the past. You know, when they encounter the ringing cell phone or the talking GPS and ask with a look of horror, “What sorcery is this?!”

Technology and I tolerate each other. I love some of the things I can do with it, but I’m not sure I completely trust anything with a circuit board. I will admit to being terribly attached to my iPod, but that’s largely because of all of the lovely reading apps that allow me to store a veritable library on my tiny device! I do like having access to plenty of good music as well. I’ll even confess to switching over to the digital calendar and address book.

But I’m still not texting…