Take a minute and go read this article. It’s OK, I’ll wait.

Read it? I couldn’t let this one pass without saying something.

First off, I am a HUGE supporter of home birthing! All three of my children were born at home, and we had a wonderful midwife and doula there all three times. I can’t imagine giving birth anywhere but in my home! If you’ve ever had a conversation with me about home birth then you know how passionate I am about it!

I am 100% pro-life. No abortion, NO EXCEPTIONS. An unpopular point of view to be sure, but then again, so is home birth these days. I find it terribly ironic that the women’s rights organizations that so zealously defend murdering your child before they are born under the guise of “choice” have yet to pick up this issue of choice in childbirth. Surely, women have the right to choose where they will give birth and who will be there to help them. Perhaps those organizations were too busy defending a woman’s “right” to leave her children in daycare to be raised by strangers while she pursues a career.

Some good may come of this. The legislation removing the requirement for a home birth midwife to be backed by an OB or a hospital would be a definite improvement. Neither the government, nor the hospitals have any business “regulating” anything to do with home births, including the midwives! It is the job of the parents to interview the midwife and determine if she is the person they want there when their baby is born. We must take on the responsibility of making sure that the midwife we choose is experienced and competent enough to do the job we hire her for. Just because you go to a government approved hospital and see a government approved doctor does not necessarily mean that you are seeing a GOOD doctor. Women have to be responsible for their own health, and that includes childbirth. We can certainly seek out the advice and help of people who have skills that we lack. Ultimately, the choices are ours, and we should never shrink from making them ourselves.

Not all that long ago, home births were common in this country. My grandfather and all five of his siblings were born in the very house that I am sitting in! Hospitals are sometimes the best choice for childbirth, but not always. Women need to have the option of giving birth in the place that they choose, whether it’s at a hospital or at home. For 13 midwives to suddenly find their practice “illegal” is unacceptable. It’s a travesty that should never have happened.