It’s completely reasonable to be eating breakfast at 10:45, even when you’ve been up since about 7. My kids had their breakfast a few hours ago, but I’m just managing to sit down with lukewarm green tea and some sort of healthy breakfast bar that tastes like apple-flavored cardboard. Honestly, I’m lucky that I’m even eating breakfast. My Mom, doctor, midwife, and even my husband have all taken turns over the years telling me that I need to stop skipping meals! The only time I consistently eat three meals a day is when I’m pregnant. The rest of the time… well… I just get busy, you know?

Little Guy is still nursing a couple of times a day, so he wants Mom first thing in the morning. After changing him and nursing him I remind the older three to get dressed if they haven’t already. We go downstairs, strap the baby into the booster seat and give him Cheerios to much on. Then the dog needs to go out. The kids need milk poured on their cereal, and they are not quite old enough to be trusted with pouring from a gallon jug. (You know who would be mopping it up.) By now, the dog needs to come back in and I put medication in her eyes while Munchkin dishes out her dog food. We clear the table and start school for the day. By now Little Guy is done eating and wants to get down and play while we sweep up the Cheerios that he’s tossed on the floor. My e-mail needs to be checked so that I know if I have anything pressing that I have to take care of today. While the older kids are working on math worksheets or penmanship, I try to bathe and get dressed. I’d like to get a load of laundry and/or dishes started at some point too. Here is where it occurs to me that I should probably eat something… This is a typical morning at our house, and I’m sure that some of you have even crazier schedules to deal with than we do!

The only reason I have a minute to sit down to blog while I eat breakfast is because the Little Guy is down for his morning nap, Mr. Q and Camo are happily occupied with their LEGOs, and Munchkin is working on her math review. (It doesn’t normally take this long for her to do math, but a review is a different story…) It’s 11:25 now and I just put lunch in the oven to bake. If I’m blogging during the day it tends to be a few sentences typed out in between all of the “Mom stuff”!

I know I can’t be the only Mom out there who struggles to fit in eating breakfast. So, how do the rest of you fit in breakfast? What tips and tricks work for you? Or, have you just given up and made peace with the fact that breakfast is just not on your menu? I can’t wait to read what you have to say!