Honestly, I wouldn’t even know what time-lapse photography was if not for my IT staff. Besides being the guru whenever it comes to technical stuff, he’s also quite the artist!

The idea behind time-lapse photography is simple: take photographs of the same location at regularly spaced intervals and then string them together into a video that shows the passage of time in a rather fascinating way. Now combine that with nighttime astrophotography and you have some truly amazing video! Take a peek at his most recent work…

Through the wonder of social media, my IT staff has “met” other incredibly gifted photographers. One of them being Tom Lowe, whose debut film TimeScapes just released. TimeScapes combines slow-motion video with time-lapse sequences of breathtaking locations. All of this set to the original score by Nigel John Stanford. Unlike a documentary, there is no narration, only the music to accompany the film. They’ve done an excellent job editing TimeScapes, and the score blends nicely, enhancing the movie. Take a look at the trailer for TimeScapes


Time-lapse photography is a very slow process. For example the short clip that my IT staff put together was the result of two hours’ worth of photos. Tom spent two years shooting for TimeScapes! It was an incredible undertaking and one that definitely paid off. For the tech savvy, it might also interest you to know that TimeScapes was released in 4K. For those of us who require an IT staff, it means that the picture is very sharp, and looks great on any size screen!

TimeScapes is available on BluRay, DVD, and as a digital download. The soundtrack may also be purchased as a CD, or a digital download. They can be purchased directly through the TimeScapes website. Both are well worth it in my opinion! If you enjoy time-lapse photography, this is one film that you won’t want to miss.