Outside my windows… one of the kids was playing outside today without his jacket on. I took one out and put it on said kid because I was feeling a bit chilly. I’ve become my mother!

Inside my house… we had to give in and turn on the propane monitor this week. Still trying to hold off on the coal stove though. I wonder why some of us resist turning on the heat as long as possible. (Aside from the fact that heat is expensive of course!) It’s not like winter is waiting for us to turn on our heat before it arrives though…

Counting 1000 gifts… it may be getting colder, but I always appreciate the pretty colors of the fall leaves.

Prayers of the heart… that I’ll be able to handle some of the new things coming my way. I have very mixed feelings about anything new or different!

What the (not quite so) little ones are up to… coloring on rocks in the yard with sidewalk chalk. The same kid who needed the jacket also ended up with blue chalk dust streaked liberally across his face. I told my IT staff that Little Guy had the “Braveheart” look going on.

From my playlist… Piano Guys! They do some really great stuff, so if you like instrumental music, you should look them up.

From my reading list… Picking up Safe House yet again. I will finish it this week!

From my needlework basket… mittens, hats, bookmarks, dishcloths, and other gift knitting is in progress at the moment. Though now that it’s getting cold again, I may put some of that down and knit myself some more wool socks…

In the learning room… Munchkin is finding the study load this year heavier than what she’s been used to in previous years. (I remember those middle school years of transition! It’s rough!) I found a 100 pack of colored gel pens on Amazon for around $13. If you’ve got to take notes, then you may as well make them colorful!

Random ramblings… we took the kids to a fly-in this past weekend. There were some beautiful planes, and it’s always interesting to talk to a pilot about their airplane! I still want to learn to fly one of these days…

Profound ponderings… “In a world where you can be anything, be kind.” – Unknown

Caught on film…

At the fly-in today with the kids!

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