Outside my windows… flurries yesterday! None of it stuck though, so we are still bare ground up here.

Inside my house… plans for a certain IT staff’s birthday are in progress! (And that is all that I will say for now!)

Counting 1000 gifts… I’m so thankful for the job that I have. I know I say it often, but it’s true. Not only do I get to work from home, but the folks I work with have become dear friends.

Prayers of the heart… a local business may or may not be closing down. While we wait to find out, we are praying for the people who work there.

What the (not quite so) little ones are up to… an essay about coal, statistics, and early American history.

From my playlist… Goodbye from Audio Adrenaline. Thinking a lot about Mom lately…

From my reading list… reading through the Age of Faith series by Tamara Leigh. Taking a break from “serious” reading to just read for enjoyment this week.

From my needlework basket… a reversible hat knit with sock yarn on tiny needles… Whatever possessed me to think that this was a good idea?

In the learning room… yesterday we did the whole baking soda and vinegar “volcano” thing. I was taken by surprise when Little Guy was quite freaked out by the “lava”. I thought all kids loved this experiment!

Random ramblings… There is so much on my mind of late. A good deal of it is better left to my journal for now. I’m unsettled enough for the insomnia to return. Then, I see a world gone mad in the news stories, and the burdens of my heart seem small compared to them. Yet comparing the weight of our burdens will not encourage any of us I imagine. Perhaps it is better to admit that we are all troubled by something, and whether it’s big or small, we can take comfort in lifting all of them to God in prayer.

Profound ponderings… “I write. Though whether that helps me keep my sanity or makes me lose it, I will never know.” – Unknown

Caught on film… That one time that I did really well in poker…