Outside my windows… there is a giant pile of snow. If I opened the window, it would land on my desk, and I’m not even kidding about that part!

Inside my house… I’m still playing with my desk area set-up, and my thoughts are turning towards summer home projects…

Counting 1000 gifts… paper and ink. Much as I use my computer for work and writing, I’m still like the tactile experience of writing with paper and ink.

Prayers of the heart… the pace of life is picking up again, and it’s going to get much busier from here on this year. Praying that I have the wisdom to keep my priorities in order.

What the (not quite so) little ones are up to… Mr. Q just recently finished reading Little Pilgrim’s Progress, and all four of the kids were pretending to be characters from the story.

From my playlist… Holst’s The Planets as performed by the London Symphony Orchestra. (Jupiter is my favorite, though Mars is a close second!)

From my reading list… Lost & Found by Kendra Fletcher. Kendra and her husband do the Homeschooling in Real Life podcast, which is a great listen for any homeschoolers out there!

From my needlework basket… I’m jumping around from project to project at the moment. I worked some more on a pair of red socks for myself last night.

In the learning room… Skip counting, DNA, and The Hobbit! A week off was nice, but getting back into a routine is good too.

Random ramblings… I keep a notebook on my nightstand for late-night ideas. It’s surprising the things that have bounced around my brain just before I go to sleep! A new story idea was one of them a couple of nights ago. (Yes, another story idea!) I quite like this one, and so ended up making enough notes so that I can pick it up again and write it. I’ll have to research a bit first, since I need to know more about artificial intelligence and space station operations/maintenance. (Anyone know of any good books on either topic?) This particular idea started with just one line – “Dr. Martin Telos? Welcome to research station Renegade Five.”

Profound ponderings… “There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, Than are dreamt of in your philosophy.” – Shakespeare

Caught on film…