Outside my windows… I’m seeing a few leaves changing color here and there. Is it really almost fall?

Inside my house… So many books arriving! I’m not sure who is most excited when another Thrift Books package shows up, but the kids always gather around the table to see what treasure it holds.

Counting 1000 gifts… my life didn’t turn out at all the way that I had imagined twenty years ago. The more I reflect on that though, the more thankful I am that it didn’t. It turned out better in so many ways…

Prayers of the heart… for wisdom as our kids keep getting older. It’s not so much that it gets harder I think, just different and more complicated.

What the (not quite so) little ones are up to… making sandwiches for lunch and discussing something about numbers. I’m only catching snatches of conversation, but someone just mentioned a zillion!

From my playlist… The 1812 Overture does not sound the same without the cannons. I’m off to find the recording that includes them!

From my reading list… Things We Wish We’d Known. It’s put together by veteran homeschoolers, and came highly recommended. I’m hoping to get at least a few chapters in before school starts.

From my needlework basket… dishcloth knitting for Christmas. I’ll need to start on the kids’ sweaters soon too. First I need to pick a pattern, which always seems like the hardest part.

In the learning room… New Book Day is in less than a week! The kids are excited, and I’m getting the last of the organizing done before we start.

Random ramblings… Mr. Q had the chance to go on a little adventure this past weekend. It was fun to hear him tell me all about the things he did and the people he met. Seeing the photos makes me smile! It is with mixed feelings that I watch my kids grow up. I know that my time with them all here at home is relatively short, and yet it’s a great joy to see them grow and to watch as their personalities and interests develop more fully. What a strange, hard, and wondrous thing it is to be a parent…

Profound ponderings… I came across this poem on Pinterest and found it compelling. I certainly understand that most of us will be working a job just because we need to pay the bills at some point in our lives. That being said, if our life is not more than just our job, then we are missing so much! I wish I knew the full name of the author, but that was not included. If you happen to know who EH is, please do let me know!

So many people walk this earth,
With purpose in their eyes,
But in their heart of hearts they know,
What they’re living is a lie,
The alarm goes off at 6am,
Live every other day,
So they can walk into a job they hate,
Because they need the pay,
All time does is take from them,
But it never seems to give,
Always waiting for the day to come,
When they finally start to live,
I’m all too scared that one day soon,
I’ll become just like the rest,
Only walking with the crowd,
Because my dreams have been oppressed,
That one day I’ll look back on life,
At the opportunities that I’ve missed,
And realize I never truly lived,
All I did was just exist.

— EH

Caught on film…

Why yes, I did order myself school supplies! #frixion

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