I read an article about a couple in Australia. They have three sons and lost a daughter shortly after her birth. Losing a child is an absolutely heartbreaking thing for any parent to suffer, and my heart truly goes out to them for their loss. So they decided to have another baby girl. They conceived twin sons through IVF treatment. And they decided to abort them because they were boys instead of their hoped for girl. They would like to use “gender selection” procedures during their next IVF treatment to ensure that they get a girl.

I truly am sad that they lost their daughter. That is something no parent should ever face. But I am far more saddened that they chose to abort their two sons because of their determination to have another daughter. Is it really so much different from the scores of baby girls simply abandoned in China for no other reason than their gender?

Even more astonishing to me were some of the reactions I read on a discussion board later. Many people were as shocked and horrified as I was, but there were others who spoke of how much they hated the fact that their own children were the “wrong” gender. They claimed to be completely devastated that they did not have the son or daughter that they really wanted, and insisted that they’d never wanted the boys/girls that they had.

Do we see children as merely a commodity? Like picking out a car, do we want to simply choose the “model” that we desire? And if we are disappointed with what we get, what then? Well, if the child has not yet been born then, according to our society, murder is a perfectly acceptable option. But what about after their birth? How long will it be before we see growing numbers of children abandoned or killed because the parents no longer want them? You may think that I’m being alarmist with that last question, but I’m not. The root of this is the fact that we no longer value life.

Sure, it starts out small. We’ll only kill the baby if it endangers the mother’s life, or only if the baby is too sick to survive. Then it goes a step further. Then another step… and another. Eventually, anyone old, disabled, sick, or even simply unwanted is thrown out like trash. Their life has no value in our eyes, so it’s easy to simply take it from them. But have we the authority to define the value of a life? Who does?

We cannot decide the value of life because we do not give life. God alone is the Creator and Author of life. “And the LORD God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul.” – Genesis 2:7 God created man with a living, immortal soul. All humans have a soul. We were all created with one. How arrogant must we be to presume that we can attach a value to a person with a LIVING soul! A God-created soul!

Experiencing pregnancy, childbirth, and being a mother has really revealed to me just how miraculous life truly is. It’s nothing short of a gift from God! Children, ALL children, are gifts from our gracious Creator. Yet, rather than being humbled and thankful that He gives us such valuable gifts, we treat them as soulless objects that we may discard on a whim. How dare we so carelessly destroy the precious lives that He has entrusted us with!