Actually, just our ceiling.

Late Tuesday night, or more accurately, EARLY Wednesday morning, I was awakened from a dead sleep by a terrible crash. Aaron turned the light on in time for us to see a dense cloud of fine dust expanding into our bedroom from the closet. The ceiling in our closet is old plaster. I guess it got tired of being stuck up there all the time, and about a third of it landed on our clean clothes and bedding. The chunks of plaster weren’t as bad as the METRIC TON of plaster dust. I noted that a lot of the dust was an odd deep bronze color. I briefly wondered why that might be, but quickly decided that I probably didn’t want to know. After grabbing the fan to help vent the dust outside, we proceeded to clean up the chunks of plaster and dust as best we could in the wee hours of the morning. The laundry is still a work in progress due to the fact that everything in the closet needed to be re-washed, as well as all of the bedding actually on our bed because the dust left a nice little coating on just about everything in our bedroom. I was not impressed…

I am however quite thankful for three things. First, it was in the closet and no plaster actually landed on anyone. That would certainly hurt! Second, it’s a fairly easy fix. Just remove the remaining plaster from the ceiling and put up some sheetrock. We can do that. Third, it did not happen in the middle of winter. Since it’s warmed up considerably, there is not big rush to fix it immediately because of heat loss. I can take some time and get to it when it’s convenient.

So, overall it was a mess and a pill to deal with, but that’s about it. On reflection, I’m glad that it’s such a minor thing really.

There is one mystery that still has yet to be solved though… How on Earth did all THREE of my kids sleep through the horrific noise?