Note: I do work for Well Planned Gal, and one of the items featured in my post is their On the Go planner. This post is completely independent of my work for them, and I was not asked or compensated in any way for featuring this planner on blog. I was using the Well Planned Gal planners long before I ever dreamed I might have a chance to work for the company. None of the links in this post are affiliate links.

I spend a lot of time at this white Ikea desk of mine. The writing, working, lesson planning, grading tests, and all of the other things I do at this desk add up to a fair number of hours each week! I thought it would be fun to do a post about some of my favorite things that inhabit my desk. Some are on my desk for sentimental reasons, and others for practical ones. All of them make me smile though!

There’s this block of clear acrylic that sits next to my computer. It has butterflies and flowers engraved into the back and there’s a neat 3D effect of butterflies being suspended in the block. I can’t recall where my mom first got the piece, but it sat on her kitchen windowsill for many years. I can’t count how many times a stiff wind blew it off the sill, but it never broke! I keep it on my desk to remind me of Mom.

I couldn’t write about the things on my desk that I love without mentioning my On the Go planner and Frixion pen! My planners and calendars are my second brain, and the only way that I keep my schedule remotely organized. Since I’m a huge to-do list fan, I love the fact that every week day in this planner has its own to-do list – with check boxes. Have I ever mentioned how much I love check boxes? I also prefer to use pen in my planners, but life happens, and I don’t exactly like how messy my planner looks after crossing stuff out or using correction tape. Erasable pens from back in the 80s never erased cleanly. FriXion pens DO! It’s thermos-sensitive ink though, so if you set your mug of tea or coffee on your planner, there might be a few things missing. (If you inadvertently erase stuff that you need, popping your planner in the freezer for a few minutes will make the missing ink magically re-appear. The only thing that would make FriXion pens better, is if they came in a fountain pen option!

Why yes, that IS an arc reactor on my mouse pad. The funny story behind it is one of friendly sibling rivalry. My sister, is Team Iron Man, while I’m firmly Team Cap. As a result, she gets me Iron Man merchandise for Christmas and I get her Captain America stuff. It’s one of those fun, accidental traditions that started along the way, and I sort of hope it keeps going!

Dave is the cute little succulent that has taken up residence on my desk. He promised that he’ll help keep me sane during the winter months when the outside landscape is awash with snow. I was originally going to call my little plant friend Bob, but my daughter talked me into Dave so that each morning we can say, “Good morning, Dave.”

This lovely blue glass vase was a gift from my in-laws. They enjoy antiquing, and know how much I love colored glass pieces. They found this beautiful little vase and decided it needed a home with me. I’ve enjoyed filling it with flowers from my yard this summer, but I need to figure out whether to find something to fill it, or simply leave it empty during the long winter months. It’s too pretty and precious not to keep on my desk though!

2018 is the second year that I’ve used Powersheets by Cultivate What Matters. I love their Write the Word journals, and decided to give the goal planner a try. I can’t say that I achieve every goal that I set, but I do get more accomplished than I would if I didn’t try. The monthly re-evaluation and check-in is something that I look forward to as well. I love one of the quotes, “Progress, not perfection.”

One of my cousins made a mug rug for me a couple of years back, and it’s got a permanent place on my desk. You’ll often find a mug of coffee or tea resting there, and sometimes, a whole pot of tea! There are some tea stains from the drips and spills, but perhaps that just gives it character.

The Logitech speakers on my desk, and the Bluetooth earbuds were both gifts from my IT staff. I use the speakers for the times when everyone wants to listen to Mom’s music while we work or study. The earbuds are exactly what I need for those times when I have to drown out the background noise that comes from a house where six people and a German Shepherd live! I’ll never be the musician that Aaron is, but I appreciate being able to listen to the music I love with speakers and earbuds that produce good sound.

Those are some of the best things on my desk, and now I want to know what the best things on your desk are!