I’m having… a tall glass of milk because that appeals to me more than tea today.

My mug… is a pretty blue glass that used to be Mom’s. I picked up a set at LL Bean for her one year as a Christmas gift. I told her that since I’d broken so many of her glasses over the years, I wanted her to have a complete set of nice glasses. About a week later, I broke one! Mom didn’t get upset, but did laugh quite a bit that I was the one who broke one of her new glasses! I still remember her teasing me and laughing about that!

I’m feeling… like I’m in “nesting mode” now. But being very pregnant also means that I don’t have the energy level to match my ambitions! It’s hard work just carrying this baby! So, I try to pace myself and take time to put my feet up and stay hydrated.

On my mind… a mop. I have a hard floor cleaner that is similar to a rug cleaner, but washes hard floors. I’ve found that it is a pill to empty and refill and that has to be done really frequently. Thankfully, I inherited it rather than actually paid money for it. I think that I’ll go back to an old fashioned mop and bucket. Now I just need to decide whether to get a sting mop or sponge mop. I’m leaning towards string…

“Many people are living with homes filled to the brim with inherited things, just paralyzed with stuff.” – Donna Smallin

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