Munchkin and I had our first “real” tea party today. She asked me if we could us my real teacups and drink real tea from them. We opted for iced herbal tea since it’s still very warm on the East coast! She picked out a teacup and I did as well. We filled a small teapot with iced tea and seated ourselves at the kids’ plastic table. Munchkin had made place cards for each of us. We sat sipping our iced tea and practicing managing a full-sized teacup and saucer.

When we had finished our tea she helped me carry the empty cups to the kitchen and wash them. She did a wonderful job handling them with care. I made it a point to tell her that though we must be careful with Mommy’s teacups, accidents do sometimes happen, and I would not be mad at her if something was accidently broken.

That’s the sort of thing that Mom always told me. I tried to be careful, but I broke a number of dishes while I was growing up. She always told me that I was far more important to her than any dish. I can’t remember one time when she was mad because I’d broken a dish. That’s a lesson that I do my best to keep in mind now that I have kids of my own. I do like my pretty teacups, but I’d rather risk breaking one and use them for tea parties with my daughter. Because ultimately, it’s the memories made with my little girl that are far more precious to me than a fragile china cup.