I feel like a kid again. I had two birthday parties (and two cakes!) this year. The second was last night at the home of friends that have known me for so long that they qualify as family. They all got together with Aaron and Joyce and managed to find me a spinning wheel! I cannot tell you what a surprise that was! I’ve spent last night and all of this morning researching antique spinning wheels online and looking for books to help me get started spinning!

My wheel is the precursor to what the modern wheels today are. It’s called a walking wheel. Walking wheels have a larger wheel, and you spin while standing. They are also a much simpler, very elegant design, and in my opinion, more beautiful than their modern day descendants! Of course, I’ve got a bit of a soft spot for anything historical, and my wheel was made in New Hampshire in the 1800’s. It’s steeped in history! Wouldn’t you just love to get a peek at the stories it could tell us? I’ve found a few videos on the internet of people spinning with their walking wheels, and now I’m just ITCHING to get started myself!

I’ve also decided that I can count it as exercise. When spinning on a walking wheel you take a couple of steps back and forth as you spin, hence the name “walking” wheel. So, the next time that the doctor asks me if I exercise, I’ll say, “Why yes, I spin every day!” Hmmmm, if I’m going to spin that much, I may need to look into buying a couple of sheep…

You know, I may have lost Mom, but I’m still richly blessed with friends who love me as if I was part of their family. And that’s the real treasure.