Technically, we do year-round school. However, we take the month of August off, and the other two summer months typically boast shorter school days because at this point we’ve completed the curriculum for some of the subjects. You know what that means, right? Kids get bored. Someone in a local homeschool group shared a link to a “Summer Rules” checklist that kids have to complete before using electronics. I thought it was a cool idea and a good way to keep the kids busy doing productive things once they’ve completed their schoolwork. Here’s a link to the blog where you can find the printables at Thirty Handmade Days.

I’ve filled mine in by hand, but there’s also an option for a list that’s already filled out and ready to go. I liked the pre-filled list, but decided to print out the blank one so that I could tweak it just a bit. (Of course!) I definitely want them to keep up with reading every day, and doing something that’s creative/educational. The kids are all doing their own laundry now, but since it’s new for some of them, I thought sticking the reminder to check on it would keep them from suddenly having no clothes to wear. The item about bringing Mom coffee was added just to make everyone laugh! (I don’t think I would actually trust anyone to make me coffee!)

I also noticed some of the other printables offered on Thirty Handmade Days and really liked the Summer Reading Challenge Bookmarks too. I laminated one for me and each of the three older kids. I told them that anyone who gets all of the circles on their bookmark punched by the end of the summer will get a special prize! Naturally, they wanted to know what the prize was, and I told them that it was a special surprise, so they couldn’t know yet. Actually, I’m not sure what the prize is yet! I have a couple of ideas, but if anyone has a great suggestion, then please leave a comment!

For chore ideas I just check my Clean Mama calendar or seasonal checklist. Clean Mama has a great list of printables too, and I just loved both of her books! (Can you tell how much I like checklists yet?)

So, do you love printables and checklists as much as I do? In any case, let me know what your summer plans are in the comments!