Today was an interesting day.

It’s Aaron’s birthday! I’ll leave it up to him to tell everyone how old he is, but I WILL say that he is older than me. MUCH older! We celebrated with pizza and chocolate cake, but since I made his birthday cake yesterday, there was already a piece missing.

We had another appointment with our midwife today as well. I’m a little over halfway through this pregnancy, and everything seems to be going just fine. I’m anxious for the spring when I get to meet this little one and find out if they are a boy or a girl!

Just before we headed home, we were given a mattress. It’s used, but it’s in really good shape. It’s the same size as Munchkin’s bed, and she’s needed a new mattress for a while. The one that she’s been using is quite possibly older than me. The new one got just a bit damp on the (very long and very slow) ride home, so it dried out next to the coal stove. The ride home with a mattress tied to the top of our SUV was interesting. It seemed like very few people got too close to us. I think they were a bit scared… It was on her bed in time for her to sleep on it, and she is quite happy with her newer and more comfy mattress. I have to admit, it is SO much nicer than her old one!

Mr. Q “helped” me move her old mattress into the hallway earlier this evening. It made me smile that he was trying so hard to help Mommy, and also made me realize that in a few years he probably WILL be helping me move furniture! He’s certainly growing up, but he still does things that remind me how young he still is. For instance, just a while before bedtime, he asked us what he should do with his dirty bowl and spoon. We told him to just put them in the sink. He promptly ran into the bathroom and put them in the sink. After laughing over this, we specified that they should go in the KITCHEN sink!

Kids, particularly young ones, can be quite a handful at times. Even so, it’s delightful having them running about the house! They are constantly making us laugh and their excitement over things like snow is just irresistible. Occasionally, I’m asked if I’m crazy because I have three young children and am expecting a fourth. Alright, I probably AM crazy, but not because I’ve got a few kids! My children have changed my life dramatically. At times it is certainly more challenging, but it’s also more fun. I’ve got to admit that it’s also been character building for me. God has used my kids to teach me patience, humility and so much more. No wonder the Bible tells us that children are a blessing!