Being a Mom means being tired. I think it’s pretty much just a chronic thing for Moms! But having a new baby in the house takes that to a whole different level… Little Guy is actually pretty good at sleeping during the night. But last night, come 3:30 AM he decided not to sleep anymore. By the time his brothers and sister were awake, he still had not gone back to sleep. And as the saying goes, “When baby doesn’t sleep, nobody sleeps!” Of course, there is the idea of sleeping whenever the baby sleeps. That works great… with your first baby. With three other kids in the house it gets tricky.

I still recall when Munchkin was a newborn. I was a brand new Mommy and had read a LOT of books. They all said that babies nurse about every two hours at the beginning. When Munchkin was two days old, she slept for a four-hour stretch one night. I called my Mom in a panic the next morning, sure that there was something wrong with my baby girl! Mom laughed (and I’m pretty sure she rolled her eyes too) and told me that it’s OK for babies to sleep for four hours. She advised me to enjoy the sleep when I could get it and assured me that when Munchkin was hungry she would wake up! I look back on that and I can certainly see why Mom laughed!

Babies don’t know what the baby books say their behavior is supposed to be like. Even if they did, I don’t think that they’d care! Babies have their own wacky schedules and they change frequently. It can be a bit frustrating for someone like me. I have to admit to being a bit of a control freak. I like to know exactly what is going to happen and exactly when it will happen. I am not a spur-of-the-moment kind of girl! That made adjusting to having a baby really difficult for me. Even the fourth time around its hard, but at least with age has come a bit of experience. I know just how fast this little baby boy will grow up! That tends to give me a bit more perspective. It’s still frustrating to be so tired; I freely admit that! But it’s a little easier this time to remember to just enjoy holding my baby while I can.