I have four kids and a German Shepherd. That alone would make our home slightly less than peaceful. Adding home educator and writer to the hats that I wear make it definitely chaotic. Throw in the holiday season and it’s positively CRAZY around here!

I’d wager that there isn’t a mom out there who has not shed a few tears of stress over Christmas. I sure have! That’s not the kind of memory I want my kids to have when they think about December at our house. Honestly, that’s not the kind of December that I want to have either.

What do we get so worked up about? Decorating inside and out with a spectacular display that would be at home on the cover of Better Homes and Gardens? Finding impressive enough gifts for all the people on our gift list? Cooking and baking perfect Martha Stewart-esq meals and treats? Attending every holiday-themed activity? Does any of that actually matter? Is that what Christmas is really about? It’s not. And I don’t want my actions and attitudes to give my kids the idea that it is.

I was reading A Little House Christmas Treasury a couple of weeks ago. What struck me the most was how humble their Christmas celebrations were. Humble, but so treasured! Now, there wasn’t much talk in the book about celebrating the birth of Christ, but it still got me to thinking. Could we scale back? Could Christmas be simpler, yet more meaningful? I’ve been pondering this, and today I bought an e-book.

This is what I want Christmas to be. I want to celebrate and savor it, not spend weeks running around stressing out about the stuff that isn’t important. Until Thursday, this kindle book is on sale for 99 cents. I snapped it right up when I came across a link to it today. I’m pretty sure that I’m not the only one who would like some help scaling back and simplifying this year.

What about you? Do you also struggle with losing sight of the One we celebrate? What ways have you found to simplify and savor Christmas?