My home design style can be best described as “Wall-to-Wall Bookshelves”. Part of this is because I’ve always loved to read and have always had a sizable book collection. Homeschooling took my book collecting to the next level! In a house where there are bookshelves in every room and hallway (except the bathroom), I could waste a lot of time looking for a particular book that we need for school.

My solution is to dedicate one set of bookshelves to our current school books. I can’t fit all of the school books that we own on a single bookshelf, but I can fit all of the ones we are using this year on a bookshelf!

After the end of our school year, I spend a weekend emptying the books off the shelves that we don’t need for the upcoming year. Those books move to the bookshelves where we keep the school books we’re not currently using. Then, the kids and I pull all of the books we’ll need for the upcoming school year and pile them on the table. There are always some books that take some time to track down, but that’s why I started the school bookcase solution to begin with! We give the shelves a good dusting and then arrange the books on the shelves so that we’re ready for the upcoming year.

Of course, when gathering and acquiring new books, the kids will find one that sparks their interest. The rule is that you can read the book, but it must be put back on the school shelf when you’re not using it.

Another option might be a dedicated book crate for each child and one for family reading. This option can work particularly well for younger kids, as it’s easier to “flip through” books in a crate.

If neither of these options work for you, just do a quick search on Pinterest for homeschool storage and you’ll find plenty of great ideas!

Whatever organizational method you choose, having the current school books set aside saves time and frustration due to misplaced books, and prevents your study time from being interrupted by a search for the missing book!