A nice, relaxed Saturday at home really can’t be beat in my opinion.

Right now I’ve got muffins in the oven and the teakettle on the stove. Once this post is done I’ll be sitting down with a cup of Lady Grey tea and a strawberry muffin.

Mr. Q started off the day playing with his Legos, and then switched to playing his Lego Star Wars game. He’s pretty much a fan of anything Lego or Star Wars at this point!

Munchkin and Camo are at the dining room table with sheets of paper and crayons. Her favorite pastime is art right now! And Camo wanted someone to draw him some penguins. I directed him Munchkin’s way. The last time I drew something for one of the kids, Munchkin was three and promptly informed me that what I’d drawn looked nothing like Big Bird! Camo is alternately watching his sister draw penguins for him and rummaging through the Lego bin for his own creative endeavor.

Little Guy is hanging out being amused by each of his siblings in turn. He’s rather fussy as of late, but cutting new teeth and experiencing your first cold will do that to a guy…

The furry member of our family is curled up on the rug in front of the coal stove. That’s pretty much her permanent spot during the winter months!

My IT staff is catching up on e-mail, research, and the like. I enjoy doing my “computer work” when he’s home because we can both be productive while still “hanging out” with each other.

I’ve got a writing deadline this weekend, but I’m still planning to make a fair amount of progress on Munchkin’s fuzzy pink birthday sweater over the next couple of days. I borrowed the washer next door a couple of days ago to get my laundry done. And I’ve discovered that an out-of-order washing machine has its perks. Namely, I don’t have to feel at all guilty that I’m not doing any laundry this weekend!