Happy Resurrection Day!

My perspective of it changed radically after I had kids. My belief did not change, but I came to understand something that had never really occurred to me before.

We are told that Jesus loves us enough that He died for us. This is something that we can understand to a degree. The concept of loving someone enough to give your life for them is not totally foreign to us. Most of us can name people who we would die for. But holding my newborn son reminds me of the awesome thought that struck me the year that Munchkin was born. Holding my firstborn, I came to realize that I would sacrifice my life for someone else, but I would never sacrifice hers. If saving you requires the life of one of my children, then you are out of luck. Yet, that’s exactly what God did.

God sacrificed his Son’s life… for me. I cannot even begin to fathom that kind of love. His grace is something I can never understand, because it came at a price I cannot even imagine.

Holding my son, barely two weeks old, I am shown a hint of what my redemption cost. My own wretchedness weighs heavily on me and I am humbled by the reality of my own sin. Even so, I have been redeemed. Redeemed by the blood of God’s Son! Grace like that is beyond amazing.