A month ago, I made some changes. Since then, I’ve pondered what to do with this website.

I’ve decided to keep writing and posting at Teish Knits, but I’m not going to pressure myself to stick to just one niche or post on a rigid schedule. It’s actually been a relief not to be on social media, so I have no plans to try rebuilding a social media platform going forward. I’m essentially breaking every rule for bloggers and aspiring novelists.

Art—whether it’s music, written words, or visual arts—is supposed to encompass a wide variety of styles and forms. Creativity was never meant to conform to a neat and tidy box anymore than people were created to fit in neat and tidy boxes. Trying to make my own unique brand of creativity fit the trending aesthetic just doesn’t sound like much fun.

While stepping outside of the formula for success is a risk, even the “tried and true” formulas aren’t a guarantee. If I’m taking a chance either way, then I’d rather take a chance on doing the kind of writing and building the kind of blog that I like—even if it’s quirky and eclectic.

My goal is to make Teish Knits like a conversation at my retro red and chrome table. There will be tea or coffee, and chatting about everything from knitting, to education, to that crazy documentary I watched last weekend about Viking shipbuilding. I hope that you find something encouraging or interesting when you visit my little corner of the internet.