I love anything coconut flavored, and that’s what attracted me to the Plum Deluxe Coconut A La Creme Black Tea. Even before steeping it, I knew that this tea was going to be good because of how amazing it smells! It immediately became a favorite in our house.

The coconut flavor comes through, even though this tea has a black tea base. It’s subtle, and combined with notes of vanilla cream flavor. I’ve tried it hot and iced, and both were delicious. I prefer my tea black, but I imagine this would be fantastic with a splash of cream or coconut milk! Plum Deluxe does a great job creating tea blends, and their Coconut A La Creme Black Tea does not disappoint!

Coconut is often associated with summer, but I think the warm flavors of this tea makes it a great fall tea flavor as well. What unusual tea flavors do you enjoy on the cooler fall days?

Note: The Plum Deluxe links in this post are affiliate links. However, all of the Plum Deluxe teas in my kitchen were teas that I purchased with my own money. This post is not sponsored, and I would never recommend a tea blend that I didn’t drink and enjoy myself!