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Pine Tree Power Company Citizens’ Initiative

I meant to keep things focused on books here. (Well, books and a new series of posts and videos I have in the works, but more about that coming soon!)

Then, all of the ads regarding the Pine Tree Power Company Citizens’ Initiative kept popping up. I downloaded the full text of the proposed Initiative, and you can find the PDF here. As I read through it, I started highlighting sections that seemed problematic. I meant to avoid anything remotely political on my blog given what happened a couple of years ago, but I also said that I wanted my blog to be more like sitting down at my red vintage table with a mug of tea or coffee and having a chat. There’s nothing more “chat with Teish over tea” than talking about local politics. (Just ask my IT Staff!)

The following video is long–over an hour. I don’t read the entire text, nor do I go in-depth regarding every possible issue raised. Rather I’ve read selections that jumped out at me and discussed some of the reasons why I find them to be problematic, or in many cases, outright red flags.

This post and the video are in no way sponsored. I’m not being paid by, nor am I affiliated with any of the groups currently advocating for or against this proposal. All opinions expressed are my own.

Whether or not you decide to watch the whole video, I hope that you’ll go to the link above, download your own copy, and give it a through read-through before making up your own mind about how to vote. Always read the fine print!