I’ve been going through photos recently. Mostly looking for photos of Mom. I have some, but I wish now that I’d taken more of her. She hated having her picture taken even more than I do. It occurred to me today while looking for photos that perhaps I shouldn’t mind so much. I love the wonderful memories that looking through photographs of friends and family bring back. I especially cherish the photos of those no longer with us, like Mom. Someday, maybe my kids will get the same feelings looking at photos of me. Maybe I’ll let Aaron take a few more photos of me.

Of course, trying to get photos of him will still be challenging! My mother-in-law and I have often joked that future generations won’t believe that we actually had husbands because they are never in the photos. They are usually the ones behind the camera! I think all photographers must be “photophobic” because they all seem to dislike having their own picture taken.

We have so many great photos of the kids. Of course, they are so cute that it’s hard not to take many photos! But perhaps we should include ourselves in the photos a little more often. It’s true that even without the photographs the memories are still there. Still, sometimes they capture a moment, an expression, something that is so special and unique that you just have to smile whenever you see it.