The first time I was on the market for a homeschool planner, I picked up a traditional teacher’s planner to use for my planning and record keeping. Because it was designed for teachers teaching in a traditional classroom setting, it didn’t quite fit my needs as a homeschooler. I did a little research the next year on planners that were available for homeschoolers in particular, and settled on one called Well Planned Day. The design was pretty, and the layout looked just about perfect. I’ve used this planner every year since!

When writing out the weekly assignments, I use colored FriXion pens to color-code assignments. This lets me tell at a glance who an assignment is for. The other thing I love about the FriXion pens is that they are erasable! I don’t mean erasable like the pens from back in the 80s that didn’t actually erase—these ones erase cleanly and easily. Given the number of times I’ve accidentally written the wrong assignment on the wrong day, or the times when plans have changed, being able to erase what I’ve written down is a must.

This year, Well Planned Gal added some planner accessories to their line-up! The snap-in bookmarks are one of the accessories that I was most excited about because I can snap a bookmark into the current week, and another bookmark where the semester record keeping pages are. This makes it so much easier to flip to the semester pages so that I can record attendance and grades. The snap-in covers are a fun accessory that allows me to customize my planner cover. Each set includes two covers with a different print on each side for a total of four designs. The bookmarks and covers are a nice, heavy plastic material so I expect them to hold up to a lot of use. The elastic bands keep my planner closed and includes a convenient pen holder. Even when my planner is open, it’s usually folded over to the current page, so I can use the elastic to keep the pages neatly together even when my planner is open.

There are a number of other accessories available, including stickers and washi tape, though the lined sticky notes are one of my personal favorites! You can find the planners and accessories on the Well Planned Gal website. They also have a great lineup of student planners and my kids look forward to getting their new planners each year as much as I do. The planner helps keep us on track each year, and the new addition of the accessories makes my favorite planner even better!

Note: I am an independent contractor who does work for Well Planned Gal, the publisher of the planner featured in this post. I was not paid or compensated in any way to write this post. I was using the planner long before any work association with Well Planned Gal, and the only reason I promote the planner on my blog is because I love and use it myself. None of the featured links are affiliate links.