My great-uncle, the man Mr. Q is named for, taught my Dad how to run the caterpillar bulldozer. Today Dad gave Mr. Q a ride on that same bulldozer. I guess it made me a bit nostalgic, but it was almost like seeing my great-uncle on the tractor again.

Like any true farm boy, Mr. Q has a great love for and interest in tractors. I’m sure that in just a few short years he’ll be driving one of them all around the farm. I’ll admit that I’ll be nervous about it, (What can I say? I AM his mother!) but I’ll encourage it nonetheless. I’ll be looking into getting him his own set of noise canceling headphones though. He’s very sensitive to the noise created by machinery. Once we figured this out and stuck an oversized headset on him, he was more than happy to hop up on any of the tractors with Grandpa!

Many things on the “farm” hold generations of stories. The tractors are no exception. The bulldozer was originally bought to be used in the woods business that the Welch brothers owned and operated. It’s also done a fair share of work right here, from foundations to septic systems. The stories that tractor could tell…

Right now, Mr. Q appreciates it simply because it’s a tractor. But, maybe when he’s a bit older, he’ll come to appreciate the history attached to it. Until then, it still makes me smile to see a Mr. Q on that tractor again.