It’s Mother’s Day again. Last year I went to see a movie with my sister. This year I have no particular plans. I’m baking my own cinnamon rolls as I write, and I’ll be brewing my own tea in just a few minutes. My kids aren’t quite old enough yet to make me breakfast in bed. Upon reflection, perhaps that’s a good thing… I was not the best of cooks when I was younger but my Mom smiled and ate everything I made anyway!

I have to laugh whenever I hear people say that kids need to go to church so that they can learn about God. I didn’t learn the Scriptures because of Sunday School, or VBS, or even a sermon. I learned them from Mom. Mom was the one who told me Bible stories when I was a child. She’s the one who spent countless hours helping me memorize verses. She was the one who lived her faith so vividly that you couldn’t help but notice. Mom’s the one who taught me about real faith.

“Her children arise and call her blessed.” — Proverbs 31:28a NIV

I didn’t do that nearly as often as I should have while she was still here. Today I wish that I could hug her just once more, and tell her how much she meant to me.

I have no idea what your situation might be today. Perhaps, like me, Mother’s Day is a sharp reminder of the Mom you lost. Maybe you never had a good relationship with your Mom. Maybe you never even knew her. But I would ask one thing of my readers, if at all possible, please hug your Mom today and tell her just how much you love her. You never know which chance might be your last. Please don’t waste a moment.

I love you, Mom.