We survived the first day of school, and even more amazing, we survived the second day too!

New Book Day was September 1st at our house. I thought that since I had the day off from work, it would be a good day to start. It was nice to be able to just focus on getting everyone settled into new routines and curriculum changes. (I’ll post my list of curriculum for the year at the end for anyone who’s curious.) Of course, the one New Book Day tradition that must not be skipped is cupcakes!


With day 1 in the bag, we were ready to tackle day 2. That’s the one that made me really nervous. It would be my first day of a full school schedule, and fitting in work. It went surprisingly well. The kids were able to do an astonishing amount of their studying independently, and my work day was quite good too. For the first time, I feel like maybe I can do this. Oh, I’m sure I’ll have plenty of days when I seriously consider finding a nice cave and becoming a hermit, but don’t most introverts have days like that? I think that maybe God knew I needed some reassurance that being a work-at-homeschooling-mom could actually work. Today gave me that, and I’m so thankful!


Now, I know that I love to hear about what curriculum and books other homeschoolers are using, so I’m going to let you know what I’ve got on the shelves this year in case you’re like me!


Munchkin in 5th Grade:

Abeka Language Arts

Singapore Math 5

Spelling List from the Internet

Mr. Q in 3rd Grade:

Growing with Grammar 3

Building Writing Skills 3

Singapore Math 3

Spelling List from the Internet

Camo in 1st Grade:

First Language Lessons for the Well Trained Mind 1

Building Writing Skills 1

Singapore Math 1

Spelling You See

All of the kids:

Foundations 1 (Bible)

Science in the Beginning/Ancient World

Romans, Reformers, and Revolutionaries

Various literature books pulled from our bookshelves and found on Thriftbooks!

Of course, Little Guy has his own new set of washable crayons and markers too. He’s still quite insistent on using graph paper for his drawings!

How did the first day of school go in your house?