I read another post about Guatemala by Ann over at The Holy Experience today. She was writing about the families who live at the garbage dump. That’s where they actually live. They spend their days sorting and unloading garbage from trucks.

Ann was talking with one of the families from the dump. She asked the father if he had dreams for his children. The last sentence of his answer struck a chord in me…

“All that matters is that they follow the Lord, that they live only for the Lord.”

His answer shames me, because I’m not sure if mine would have been the same. Maybe it’s an easy trap for a homeschooling Mom to fall into. Maybe it’s because of the time and energy we invest in educating our children. I’m not sure. I do have dreams for my kids, and I admit that they are sometimes rather grand dreams. Have those dreams made me lose sight of what’s really important though? Have they made me forget that the most important things I will ever teach my kids are not on any achievement test?

At times, I feel completely out of my element just teaching them the three R’s. How do I teach them to follow God, when I’m still not always sure how to do it myself? How do I teach something that I have yet to master?

Perhaps it’s not so much about teaching them how, as it is showing them Who. Only One can bring about that sort of change in a life. And it is indeed a process that will never be completed on this Earth. He is the only one worthy of being followed. Life is only worth living, if it is lived for Him. If I can somehow impart that to my children, then I will have achieved the only dream for them that really matters.

I am awed by the God who uses the words of a father living half a world away to convict my heart. I wish that I could reach across the miles to thank this man and tell him that God used him to remind me of what really matters. Maybe someday. Not on this Earth, but maybe someday just the same.