January didn’t go quite the way I planned it… Actually, that pretty much describes my life!

IMG_4827In any case, I had nice, lofty goals and plans for January. Some things came up that did require me taking a step back, but I also discovered that I didn’t break some of my goals down far enough. For example, I wanted to work on novel re-writes. I did work a little bit on that. However, since it was a monthly goal and not something I had listed to work on daily, it was too easy to keep pushing that back instead of making even a little progress. The same thing happened with my reading goals. This lead me to tweak my February goals by adding in 30 minutes of writing and 30 minutes of reading daily. Naturally, if I get into the writing groove then I’ll write longer than that, but the point is that I need to make working on writing daily a priority. NaNoWriMo showed me how powerful working every day on something can be!

I was most consistent with Write the Word in January. Write the Word are the guided journals that I use for my daily Scripture writing. I’ve found that copying scripture into a journal is the most effective way for me to slow down and ponder it. I stumbled across the idea last year and it’s been so helpful!

IMG_4828I wanted to establish “Morning Time” with my kids this year as well. That’s something else that needs so tweaking. Mornings just get busy for us. The kids are all jumping into their studies, I’m getting some work in, and on the list goes. Afternoon teatime work out better for our family. So, I’m working to get that into our routine. We’ve been memorizing the Westminster Shorter Catechism and using a great devotional book, Training Hearts, Teaching Minds, to go along with it. Each week covers one question, so it’s going to take us a couple of years to work through the whole book, but that’s OK. We also read a poem from Favorite Poems Old and New. I’ll add in a few more things as we get into more of a routine with this.

I really like the Powersheets workbook because instead of just setting yearly goals and stopping there, I set specific goals and action steps for each month. Then, at the end of the month, I can re-evaluate and change things as necessary. I work better with things broken down into more detailed plans than just a single big goal. Also, purposely re-evaluating each month makes me feel free to change my approach or even tweak my goals without guilt. Previously, I equated changing my goals/plans with failure. This tool is just one of the things that’s helped me to see that making adjustments is still positive progress.

So, what about you? How are your goals for the year shaping up?