I know I’ve missed posting even my Monday daybooks the past couple of weeks. There’s been a lot going on around here, including a certain Munchkin’s birthday and a rather nasty cold that I seem to have come down with. I’ve sit down to write a post a few times, but real life tends to happen!

Speaking of real life, the online community can be a wonderful thing. I’ve been challenged and encouraged. I’ve “met” some wonderful people through blogs and other websites. But it’s still just online. We need encouragement in real life!

I’ve often wished that I could go to some of the conventions or retreats that I hear about. But, being a mother with four young children makes getting away for a week, or even a weekend rather more challenging. And since we live in a pretty rural area, travel costs are just too expensive to consider most such events. But what if it was just a day? What if it was local? That’s the idea behind (in)RL hosted by (in)Courage.

(in)RL is an online conference, but it’s more than that. The webcasts are online, so we can all enjoy the wonderful speakers. But the idea is not to just watch them alone. There are over 200 local meet-ups where women will be gathering to watch the conference together. Even though we won’t be traveling, we still get the chance to fellowship with other women. We get the conference content and the real life encouragement right in our own communities!

Registration for (in)RL is just $10. I’m already registered, are you?