I saw this on another blog and thought that I too would make mention of the hardest (and most rewarding!) labor that I’ve ever done.

How long were your labors?

Munchkin was just about 24 hours from first twinge to holding my daughter.

Mr. Q was only about 6 hours, very fast!

Camo was somewhere around 10 hours.

Little Guy is hard to say… Labor started and then stalled the day before, then started up again in the middle of the night and he was born in the afternoon. I’m guessing about 12 hours after it started back up.

How did you know you were in labor?

I think the contractions gave it away…

Seriously though, it was pretty evident with Munchkin and Mr. Q, but Camo gave me a few bouts of false labor. Then little guy had the whole labor starting, progressing, then stalling only to start up again the next day. It was nothing like they show in the movies.

Where did you give birth?

Munchkin, Mr. Q and Camo were all born at home!

Little Guy was a planned homebirth, but a last minute hospital transfer. Thankfully he was born within 10 minutes of arriving at the hospital and was just fine. No matter what you may have heard, most homebirth parents are not reckless when it comes to the safety and health of Mom and Baby!


Just a lot of prayer!



Who attended?

Andrea, who is seriously an awesome midwife caught Munchkin, Mr. Q and Camo. She and Evelyn, who is a fantastic doula, were also there throughout Little Guy’s labor and went with us to the hospital. He was caught by a doctor who I had never met before. My Mom’s friend who is a nurse was also there to assist, which set my mind more at ease. Andrea and Evelyn may not have been in the room during the actual birth, but they both spent hours with us during my labor. They have honestly been such a huge part of all of my children’s births!

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