I remember when one of my kiddos was a toddler and declared very loudly, “I no want nap!” In my sleep-deprived state the only reply I could come up with was, “Then can I have it?” The days of toddler naps are behind me now, but while my kiddos no longer need afternoon naps, sometimes I do.

(Yes, that actually is my teddy bear!)

Powernaps aren’t something I do every day, or even every week. I sort of discovered how helpful they could be by accident. When I had surgery five years ago, I ended up needing to take an afternoon nap each day for the next couple of months while I recovered. I’d been warned by other women who’d had the same surgery that it was important to get that extra rest because my body needed it. I found that I did feel better after that little afternoon nap!

If there’s a day when I’m particularly tired, or if I’m not feeling well, then I tell the kids that I’m going upstairs to take a quick nap. I set a timer for 30 minutes and curl up under a quilt. The key is to take a 30 minute nap. Anything less isn’t long enough for me to relax and doze, and anything longer leaves me feeling more tired. If I’m fighting a headache, then I’ll diffuse a little mint and citrus while I nap and that usually relieves the worst of it.

A nap may not work for everyone. The 30 minutes that’s the sweet spot for me may be too long or too short for someone else. The next afternoon when you are fighting to keep your eyes open or feel like you’re coming down with something, a little nap might be worth a try. In any case, my own opinion on naps has definitely changed since my toddler years!