I, and the rest of my family, have survived the weekend. We slept in our new house on Saturday night. We still don’t have EVERYTHING moved, but we do have what we really need. I’ve been trying to move a SUV-load each day, but the torrential rain today sort of made us decided to skip a day.

I managed to have only one minor meltdown. Although, Aaron might classify it as a somewhat major meltdown. Fortunately, I have Aaron to keep me sane and calm me down as needed. It’s a good thing that God sent me that husband of mine!

The kiddos are adjusting. Mr. Q is having the hardest time, and has had some stomach upsets since the move. That kid handles change about as well as I do! My stomach has had a few knots of its’ own too! Hopefully, he will be feeling better very soon.

My waterbed is filled, but still too cold to sleep on. It may take a few more days for it to actually heat up. Until then, Aaron and I are still suffering with the futon at night. The first couple of days wasn’t too bad, but it’s getting old. Actually, maybe it is we who are getting old, as we find it less comfortable to sleep on anything but an actual bed than we used to. Remember when you were a kid and could sleep anywhere, even a cement floor??? Yeah, that memory is getting fuzzier for me too…

We have Christmas decorations up. The kids love the lights and such, so I tried to get those put up right away. They were really excited about putting up the tree. They had lots of fun helping me put the ornaments on. Now I have to keep them from taking the ornaments off!

In any case, we have survived, the house is starting to come together, and we are through the good share of our moving. I will keep enjoying sitting by my nice warm coal stove in my rocking chair, with my knitting. We all need a few moments of peace each day!