When I was younger, I used to dream of living by the water. My daydreams typically involved a gorgeous view of the Atlantic Ocean. Mom used to tell me to make sure that there was a Mother-in-law apartment over my garage for her to retire to! A decade later finds me a bit further inland.

I live in a house built by my great-great grandfather. It has been in my family for generations. I grew up in the house next door. So the pond in my backyard is as familiar as an old friend. I grew up loving that pond, and now I look out my window and see it every day. This morning when we were outside and the kids were playing, I watched them running down to the pond for a bucket of water to use in their sandbox. I watched my daughter picking wildflowers in the tall grass and walking along the edge of the pond looking for frogs. It was like looking back at myself 25 years ago. Things around here may look a little bit different than they did when I was growing up, but most of it hasn’t changed. I love to see my own children walking the same little paths that I did at their ages and enjoying the wonder of a beautiful pond in their backyard. It gives me a sense of heritage to know that they are the next generation growing up on the same farm that I grew up on. I see them in the same yard where the old black and white photos of my grandfather and his siblings were taken. And I am so thankful for what God has done!

I may not have an ocean view, but the view of our pond and the memories that go with it are worth so much more!