Happy Birthday to my IT staff, aka, the love of my life! Since today is his birthday, I thought I’d list some of the things I love about him. I won’t mention how old he is, but I listed 37 reasons why I love him. I’ll let you figure out how I decided on that number!


  1. He looks really good in glasses.
  2. He always knows how to fix my technology issues.
  3. He reads The Hobbit to the kiddos.
  4. He hides under a blanket with the toddler and flashlight. (Giggles ensue!)
  5. He lets me eat his chocolate.
  6. He takes the most incredible photos of the kids.
  7. His nature photography is pretty amazing too.
  8. Every time I think I should just toss it in and quit writing he encourages me not to.
  9. He doesn’t complain about what I cook, even when it’s really awful.
  10. He’s the one who asked me, “So, what would you think about a homebirth?”
  11. He still holds my hand in the car.
  12. He keeps the bird feeder filled up.
  13. His beard rocks!
  14. He’s very good at nicely telling me when I need to calm down because I’m too stressed out.
  15. He lets me run off with his camera whenever I have the urge to take a few photos.
  16. He then edits my photos and makes what I took look good.
  17. He introduced me to camping!
  18. He’s been supportive of home education from day one.
  19. I would not even have an e-mail address if not for him.
  20. He’s walked with me, held my hand, filled my water cup, and stayed with me through labor with all four of our kids.
  21. He’s held my hand, hugged me, and taken me to the doctor’s appointments through all four miscarriages.
  22. He taught the kids how to play checkers and cards.
  23. He humors me when my OCD side kicks in.
  24. He’s got the hands of a pianist, and I never get tired of watching them!
  25. He still makes me laugh.
  26. He does everything around the house that requires climbing ladders.
  27. He puts up with some of the crazy experiments I try, and is quite good-natured about it.
  28. He still tells me that I’m cute.
  29. His blue eyes are amazing.
  30. He has the most adorable kids in the world.
  31. He can still play the piano beautifully.
  32. He teases the kids and me.
  33. He doesn’t get upset when we tease back.
  34. He’s authentic. Who he is doesn’t change based on circumstances.
  35. He’s a fabulous dad.
  36. He’s a wonderful husband.
  37. His faith is the basis for how he lives his life.