I’m skipping the daybook post this week because it’s been a rough weekend for us.

On Friday morning we woke to discover that our sweet German Shepherd had died in her sleep. She was getting older, and had been having a harder time getting around this year. I knew it was coming, but I was still heartbroken.

I actually feel pretty foolish for crying over a dog. But I guess she really was part of our family. She was the kids’ self-appointed guard dog from the day they were born. You couldn’t have asked for a dog who was better with the kids than she was. She kept me company during the evening when Aaron was working late. She usually only barked much at delivery trucks because she knew the UPS and FedEx guys carried dog treats. Winter months would find her curled up on the rug in front of the coal stove, while summertime was spent hanging out in front of the air conditioner. Whenever it snowed, she frolicked around like a puppy, chasing snowballs and diving into the snow drifts.

I’m going to miss hanging up her stocking and filling it with homemade dog treats this Christmas. I already miss the gentle nudge of her nose against my elbow when she wanted me to stop typing and pat her. We loved our nutty German Shepherd, and we’ll miss her a lot.