Today’s chapter over at the (in)courage book club is chapter 2 “Foundations of the World” from Angie Smith’s book What Women Fear. It deals with the fear of rejection, abandonment and betrayal.

I have struggled a bit with this in the past, in that I thought that it was up to me to make sure that people liked me. I thought that I had to win their approval in order to be loved. God’s brought me a long way from where I used to be with this, but I do still fall into the old patterns of worrying too much about what people think of me and whether they like me. In reality, I should be more focused on pleasing God.

I love this quote from Angie’s book, “That is the steady foundation for all other relationships, and the more I find my balance in Him, the less I will fret about what the world says.”

But what if you think that God is the one who will abandon you? What if you are afraid that you’ve done the unforgivable? I’ve been there. It was a hard, dark place to be. I look back now and wish that I could just go back and change that scared girl’s thinking on so many things. But, if I’m honest, some good did come of it. Angie wrote in this chapter that sometimes you have to dig into your past to sort some of this out. That was true in my case. My past had resulted in a warped view of God and my relationship with Him. Thankfully, He brought me through that difficult period and showed me that He is the one I can count on to never reject me. I still don’t always understand what He’s doing, but at least now I understand the His hand is in everything.

Another thing from this chapter really struck me, “Just as the Lord placed the stars in the heavens, He knows every second of your life from the moment of conception to the day you will see Him face to face. Every second.”

That excerpt reminded me of the first part of Jeremiah 1:5, “Before I formed thee in the womb, I knew thee, and before thou camest out of the womb, I sanctified thee…”