My article about homeschooling is still simmering away, and as soon as it’s done I’ll post it. So keep checking back!

I’m still reading VRIN in between this hectic patch of life, and I’ll be reviewing it as soon as I’m done. (Soon, I promise John!)

In the meantime, I’m making room for a piano. Our dining room is also a learning/spinning/knitting room, and now we can add music to that description! It’s the same piano that Aaron practiced on while he was growing up. Even though I never achieved any amount of proficiency playing the piano, I still think that they are just a beautiful instrument. I’m thrilled that we’ll have one in our home! Perhaps I’ll even convince Aaron to play for me now and again!

Making room for this piano has involved no small amount of furniture shuffling! I’m also taking this opportunity to give the room a much-needed organizational makeover. With some help from my Dad, I got a lovely set of shelves up on one of the walls for all of our “school books”. That first step has been a big help!

In the midst of sorting through the mountain of books and papers that had accumulated, I came upon Mom’s prayer journal. Ever Sunday she took it with her to write down the prayer requests for the week. Later on, she might go back and note how a particular prayer had been answered. I couldn’t help the tears when I came to the last entry, shortly before she died. It was the same as the rest, filled with compassion and concern for everyone else. None of us knew that it would be her last.

It’s funny how just seeing her handwriting makes me feel. I’d recognize it anywhere. I’m glad that I have things that she wrote, but at the same time, it makes me miss her all over again. Sorting through drawers and boxes has unearthed tiny reminders of her. Each one of them pricks.

Part of me wishes that I was “over it” by now, but I know that’s not how it works. You never “get over” people you love. I’ve heard it said that love is a decision. That may be partially true, but real love is so much more! If it was just a decision, then it would be easy to decide to stop. We truly would be able to “get over it”! I think that love is a very deep and complex thing. I don’t believe that we can completely understand it here on earth. I do know that real love is not something that you can stop just because you want to. It doesn’t matter what happens to the people you love. It doesn’t matter what they do to hurt you. You just keep on loving them anyway. Love is hard. Love is sacrifice. Love can hurt. But the Scriptures tell us that love is greater than even faith or hope.

Love is many things, and in this moment, love hurts. But there are other moments. Moments that don’t hurt like this. If I’ve learned one thing though, it’s that in the end, it’s worth it.